A Few Factoids:

I am a Filiwegian American who speaks Spanish and plays capoeira.

I was born and raised in San Diego, CA.

I have an older brother who is 12 years older than I am and was a former BMX state champ (Guess who taught me how to ride a bike).

My extended family is large enough to populate its own town.

I graduated from UCLA's School of Theater, Film, and Television.

I've worked as a private tutor, accounting associate, theme park stage area supervisor, and swashbuckler, among other things.

I like to travel and have been to Morocco, Brazil, the Philippines, Norway, Spain, Mexico, Italy, Germany, France, Portugal, England, Canada, and Ireland.

I built and operated puppets named Sunny and Louise, who now reside with a friend in Boston.

After living and working in New York for several years, I currently work as a teaching artist in both San Diego and Los Angeles.

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